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Swing Keel

The hydraulic retractable mechanism takes up very little space in the basement center line. Access is facilitated from above on the deck of the hall and from the sides on the walls of midship cabins. The retracted keel provides a minimum draft of 1.7 meters and guarantees protection to the propulsive assembly and rudder. The system has great mechanical, hydraulic and structural robustness designed to increase safety in the approach of shoals.

Raised salon with Pilot House:

Quiet sailing in inhospitable climates. The Raised Salon allows the inclusion of a pilot house in the comfort and heat of the main hall, with panoramic views to the sea and autopilot commands, navigation electronics, engine levers and anchor winch.

Engine Room:

Another highlight in this project; the engine room has a lot of space and a ceiling height unique for a sailboat of this size. With lateral access through a watertight door of manual dockers, this area is totally insulated with water tightness guaranteed by structural bulkheads consolidated to the hull. Ducted exhaust and ventilation and non-flammable acoustic and thermal insulation provide quiet and safe motor navigation. In the event of a fire, the extinction is immediate while the other compartments of the vessel remain intact.

Sail Plan:

An intelligent sail plan, a result of our designers' long experience in navigating the various oceans in varied conditions, prioritizing performance and convenience. Sloop mounting with three different winders for stay Sail, Genoa and Gennaker. Stay Sail and the large sail have Self Tacking rails. That allows the commander to estimate with high winds and to give lips even in the comfort of the main hall without leaving the cockpit. The Gennaker (down furling) winder is very practical, and allows you to navigate entire legs with the sails mounted in stand by, ready to be opened in the blink of an eye or properly stored on the deck. All halyards and reefs reach the cockpit and are handled by hydraulic / electric ratchet. Genoa and Gennaker skip racks also with automated / manual mounting option.

Electronic Technology Area:

An area with controlled ventilation reserved for navigation electronics, battery chargers and monitoring systems. The aim is to ensure an ideal environment for the conservation of the most delicate equipment of your boat. Ease of access and upkeep, durability for all the components.

Cockpit and Doghouse:

The cockpit is central, which strategically provides unbeatable amplitude in the aft cabin and sets the region of the engine room as a reserved technical area. All halyards and mainsheet are accessible and maneuverable inside the cockpit.

The rigid doghouse dispenses the fragility and low durability of the bonnet. The entire high lightness and rigidity superstructure allow full and comfortable access to the Park Avenue formatting boom.

Stateroom Stern Suite:

With a ceiling height of up to 2.30 meters, this master cabin features an office table, sofa, several spacious closets and a huge bathroom. In its watertight bulkhead, a large window provides an integral sea view with the lowered aft access platform. Stunning!

Stateroom Bow Suite:

Size the space that it could well be considered as master cabin on any sailboat of this category. Hatchways in the bathroom and the living room ceiling and side windows provide great luminosity and a privileged external view.

Cabins of Midship:

They are set as new spaces provided by the Raised Salon design technique. They come on board like cozy midship cabins with a privileged sea view. From the spacious double bed or the folding sofa of these rooms, the side porthole transfers all the spaciousness of the exterior.

As mentioned above, the TEAM MCP project allows the client to choose a technical room for the storage of parts and equipment, workshop and other arrangements depending on the concept of sailing (Coast Cruises with the family or Around the Globe in great adventures).

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